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"I believe healing is an art and my invitation is to show you some tools and support you in stepping up to the canvas."



Kerstin Keber Smith, MA is a teacher, healer, author, doula, and mother of three. She has worked in colleges, churches, and schools with a variety of age groups; always passionately moving toward healing and wholeness at the heart of everything she does. In addition, she has a background in Music, Ritual and Theology, childbirth education, guided meditation, and Reiki.  Kerstin has degrees in Music Education, Pastoral Ministry, and Theology and currently works at Madison Waldorf School as the parent/child playgroup leader, as the founder of LiveFRe along with her husband of over 10 years Kevin Smith, and as a healer, speaker, and author.


Kerstin has a special love for prenatal, birth, and postpartum care. She is a certified HypnoBirthing Practitioner trained by the founder of HypnoBirthing, Marie Mongan, and has been teaching in the Madison area since 2008.  She also teaches a course on the metal emotional side of labor support at Edgewood College. She uses her educational experiences as well as her HypnoBirthing expertise to present the material in a clear and structured manner. In addition, she is certified as an Outpatient Breastfeeding Champion and has found Reiki and EFT to be of special help to families during the exciting and growth filled time of pregnancy and childbirth.  She also offers prenatal and postpartum retreats and mother blessings.  As the founder of BabyMoon Retreats, she uses her background in sacred ritual and spiritual retreat work to create a unique experience that honors the emotional and spiritual life of the mother and the child, while still addressing the very physical nature of pregnancy and birth. Kerstin is the mother of three children, all born naturally. Her second and third child were born at home using HypnoBirthing techniques. She is an advocate for natural parenting and is passionate about empowering families to make informed decisions regarding all aspects of parenting, especially birth-related decisions. Her own births were amazing experiences and she especially delights in companioning women through the passage into motherhood in all its terribly wonderful glory and heartache. She still gets a tear in her eye every time a little one emerges earth side and no matter how many births she is witness to; she still stands in awe of the beauty and power of the wonderful woman she companions every time!


Kerstin has been using EFT and Reiki for years with family, friends, clients, and daily with herself. One of her favorite applications is companioning folks through the healing of past traumas and limiting beliefs in a gentle and life-giving way. Kerstin was trained as a practitioner in EFT at the Keystone Healing Center in Chicago with Kay Phillips R.N. a certified and accredited EFT Master Teacher through AAMET International. Kerstin has worked to release stress, heal trauma and re-pattern the brain. In all her work she companions folks toward healing and wholeness in a collaborative way. She is always adding tools to her arsenal and has trained with Caroline Myss in Archetype healing and with a variety of teachers on the Enneagram as well as other tools for spiritual growth and insight.


Kerstin’s  adventures have taken her to multiple states and countries, but nothing has been more formative than parenting her three children. As the oldest of six kids she has been in the role of caregiver and teacher for as long as she can remember and really enjoys the process of facilitating the growth of the whole person. This led to the pursuit of a Music Education degree and studies in Theater as well as a Pastoral Ministry degree and a Masters in Theology with an emphasis on the Liturgical Arts from the Franciscan School of Theology at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkley, CA.  This is most fully expressed in her zeal for ritual and creating sacred space. Her background in education as well as working with families in childbirth classes birth and playgroups serves as a natural foundation for facilitating growth in an entire family not just an individual. She often works with children and their caregivers to release stress and trauma and promote healing.  Her work as a healer through Reiki and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and companioning people in their trauma and hurt gives evidence to, as well as continues to cultivate her sense of empathy and ability to relate to the daily challenges of living life FRe and meeting people where they are at.  Kerstin loves the outdoors and can often be found on family hikes.

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