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Where do I start?

Use the 4 columns for the first what do I need doc I sent you. I think this would be a good place for that info.


Is this for everybody?

These modalities are beneficial to everyone and work as a complementary therapy to conventional medicine and other therapies.


Do you have to be a certain age to do EFT, receive Reiki, or learn your Enneagram number?

You can be any age– from prenatal to the elderly. Some of my favorite experiences are with babes in the womb and very young children. Because these techniques are so gentle, and can do no harm, there are no age restrictions.


Where does the session take place?

These modalities can be performed almost anywhere – in the home, hospitals, nursing homes and hospices. Postpartum visits are often done in your own home. We also have office spaces in Madison.


Do I need a referral?

You do not need to be referred by a physician or other medical professional to receive a treatment. However, because these modalities are complementary to conventional medicine, medical professionals will often recommend that you receive treatments to improve your overall health and healing.


How much does it cost?

Our sessions are on par with other body work and healing modalities. However, we do work on a sliding scale of $75-$100 per hour and accept partial trades as payment. Discounts are given to doula clients and for 3-hour mini retreats. Contact us for group rates.


What to Expect During Your Session

How long does a treatment/session last?

A session can run from 15 minutes to 3 hours depending on your needs and if you want to explore multiple modalities in one session or do a deep dive into something. For your first EFT Session, we recommend setting aside 90 minutes.


How much to do I need to say?

Depending on the modality you can say a lot or a little. I don't even need to know what it is exactly you came in for, and we can still shift things. For EFT there is a verbal component to the treatment, but that can be vague and done through metaphors if the client prefers.


What if I do not like to be touched?

All the techniques for Reiki can be done without the practitioner directly touching you and will be just as effective. For EFT you will access the acupressure points yourself, the practitioner will not touch you.


What if I do not feel comfortable during a session?

Feedback is always encouraged and welcome. Please speak up. If you do not feel comfortable, your practitioner can (may increase/decrease pressure, provide you with blanket) stop working on the part of your body that is giving you discomfort.


Do I have to undress to receive a reiki session?

No, you do not need to undress to receive a reiki session. You can recline or sit on a chair to receive a treatment. Either way, you stay fully clothed but will be asked to remove your shoes. When doing reiki the practitioner uses very light, gentle touch and/or makes sweeping movements with his/her hands near the body.


Can I talk to my practitioner or listen to music during a reiki session?

That is up to you. When the environment permits, soothing music may be played during the session. A session is your time to relax and the goal is to provide you with an environment that helps you do just that. You may also feel free to speak with your practitioner during a session. This is your time, however, and many times patients choose to simply lie quietly and receive a treatment.


About Treatments

How many sessions are recommended?

The number of sessions is dependent upon your needs. Often for a new client, three treatments are scheduled. After each session, your needs are reassessed to plan the care appropriately. This will include the need for further treatments, referrals to other professionals, and instruction in self-care as needed and in collaboration with you.


How often would I have to be seen?

If you have an acute condition such as recent surgery or a recent injury, more benefit is derived by a treatment daily or every other day for three to five visits. If you have a chronic condition, the practitioner will suggest that you be seen once a week for three to five weeks as it sometimes takes up to three visits for there to be a noticeable benefit. However, some clients notice immediate relief after just one session and may continue to explore the skills they learned on their own.


How soon will I notice results?

The energy shifts immediately with the integration, like a light being turned on in a dark room. The overall feeling of relaxation is commonly experienced. Pain relief is often reported after one session. Most people report that they feel much "lighter" after the session. That is because they literally are! Emotions such as depression, anger, guilt, etc. are often released. Once released, the void where those emotions were formerly held may be automatically filled with light, truth, love, forgiveness, and joy. With some issues, you will immediately notice they are no longer there because you are not worried about them anymore. That worry is replaced by peace. With other issues, although the energetic changes are in place, you may not recognize the change right away.


About Reiki, EFT, and the Energetics of Healing

What is energy work?

Energy work helps to restore and balance energy that has been depleted due to, trauma, stress, illness, injury, grief, medical conditions, surgery or medical treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation. The goal is to restore harmony and balance in the human energy system by creating an optimal environment to enable the body's innate tendency for healing to occur.


What happens when our energy system becomes depleted or imbalanced?

When our energy system is depleted we feel tired, we have difficulty coping and it is difficult for our immune system to function properly. When our energy system is off balance, the energy that usually flows through and around our bodies becomes congested. For example – pain is congested energy. When an individual has pain, the practitioner focuses on removing the energy congestion so that the pain level is reduced. Think of times when you have been stressed and how it affected your body. You may have experienced muscle tightness in your neck and shoulders, developed a headache or had discomfort in other parts of your body. Stress causes congestion in our energy system. Healing Touch techniques help to relieve that congestion.


How does our body respond to energy therapy?

Reiki, EFT, and guided meditation promote relaxation. When your body relaxes endorphins are released from the brain, which helps the muscles to relax. When the muscles relax circulation is improved and the increased blood flow elevates oxygen levels throughout the body. This in turn allows nutrients to be absorbed more efficiently, enzymes are built to aid digestion, hormones are regulated, and toxins are released from the body. This allows healthy cells to regenerate and promotes a sense of well-being which then supports healing and regulates the immune system.


Why do you say that it effects body, mind, soul, and emotions?

We are integrated beings and we cannot separate the physical from the emotional, mental or spiritual aspects of ourselves. When we are physically ill, we are also affected emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Likewise, when we are stressed or emotional about something we often feel it in our physical body such as developing a headache or we have a change in digestion or have difficulty sleeping. Our body, mind, emotion and spirit are who we are as a whole person and we need to take care of that whole person. Healing effects the whole person.


What research is available on Healing Touch In General?

Energy-based modalities are being increasingly studied. Many science disciplines are taking a closer look at the energetics of being human.  For a start The Healing Touch Research website is available to provide documented research on Healing Touch and related modalities. We are just now beginning to see the science catch up to many of these ancient wisdom traditions.


How Reiki and EFT Can Help

What are some of the benefits?

  • Reduces pain
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Enhances recovery from surgery
  • Improves mobility after surgery
  • Relieves tension, stress and depression
  • Provides support during chemotherapy and radiation therapy
  • Releases traumas, fears, and phobias
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Reduces the effects of trauma and chronic pain
  • Supports the dying process
  • Deepens spiritual connection
  • Reduces the length of hospital stays
  • Support in pregnancy, birth, and postpartum and they physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual level
  • Much more!


Do I have to believe in this for it to work on me?

No, you can keep your skepticism and it will still work! Your body's intuitive wisdom will process and benefit from what it knows is for your highest good, whether or not your conscious mind thinks it's "a little out there". Remember, your Spirit will automatically discard anything that it deems is not in your best interest. However, it is important to note that the brain does sometimes resist healing. All those things it has been “protecting” you from for all those years can trigger a defensive response when you intend to heal them. That can be worked through though and is incorporated into the treatment.


Can healing be done long-distance?

Yes, because energy is not limited by time or distance, it works just as powerfully whether working with someone one-on-one or at a distance.


Is energy work just for people?

No, many of these modalities can be used for pets or treat or clear a space or home.


Do you recommend these modalities be used in place of traditional medical care?

Absolutely not. These modalities can be used in conjunction with – not instead of – traditional medical care.

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