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“Kerstin unexpectedly attended the delivery of my little Maxine. We're talking, 8 hours prior to the birth and 3 hours after the birth. If words could only describe my gratitude that she came along. She seemed to anticipate every surge, where I was in my delivery, and could interpret everything (no joke) I needed. ...God-Send. Angel. Kerstin, you have marked my baby's life (and mine) forever. Anyone taking a class from Kerstin, you will not regret having her attend your birth.”


Jennifer Bell


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FREE Tapping Support Group

9/27 10/25 11/22 7 p.m.


Love tapping and want to get connected to others? Join us for our monthly tapping support group! Each session features a new technique to add to your EFT repertoire. You can come and just listen and tap or bring something to the group that you want to work on. It is a chance for us to check in and lift each other up! I hope you can join us! RSVP to   (Last minute? We’ll make room, come on in!)

FREE Intro to the Enneagram

Sunday, October 9 4:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.


Learn the ancient art of the Enneagram and see how it can transform your relationships! Participants will gain a basic understanding of the way the Enneagram works and their own place in this personality tool.


RSVP to   (Last minute? We’ll make room, come on in!)

FREE Intro to EFT

Saturday, November 19 10:00 a.m. - Noon


What is Tapping? Join us to learn more about EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Participants will learn basic tapping skills that they can use in all aspects of their life.


RSVP to  (Last minute? We’ll make room, come on in!)

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The time around birth is a special time for families that requires an opening of body, mind, and spirit to welcome a new little one earth side. This can either be seen as an added stress or an opportunity for growth. At LiveFRē we have several tools to help you prepare and make the most of this time where healing is not only more possible but often required to welcome a baby with joyful expectation instead of fear and pain often depicted in society today. Choose from a variety of approaches and services to find the fit that is best for your family to make this a time to cherish instead of “get through.”


Here at LiveFRē we know that FRēdom starts with how you enter the world. The way a family starts their relationship together can set up a pattern of how they will interact time and again. So how do you possibly prepare for something that has so many unknowns and holds so much importance?


We know you have lots of choices when it comes to childbirth classes: hospital classes, HynoBirthing, HypnoBabies, Bradley Method, Birthing from Within, etc. How do you choose the one that is right for you, your companion, and your baby? What if you don’t even really know what you want or what the choices are? Will the class fulfill the needs of your partner as well?


Why not LiveFRē and BirthFRē?   Using biology, epigenetics, neuroscience, brain training techniques, and relaxation methods BirthFRē presents you with many options so you can use the tools that work best for you.  We have a strong emphasis on getting the mind to work for you in birth using hypnosis, mindfulness, cognitive behavior therapy, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and sports psychology. We also cover birth, breastfeeding, and parenting basics for body, mind, and spirit.  We work on preparing you for the birth you want and for however your baby chooses to enter the world, by teaching you focusing techniques to remain calm, confident, and present regardless of what is happening around you. BirthFRē means just that, you are able to freely choose the birth your family wants even if in the moment you need to make some hard decisions.


A positive birth comes in many forms. BirthFRē encourages women to have more than one tool in their labor toolkit. Through emotional freedom, confidence building, relaxation, and the science behind why birth can be comfortable, you will find freedom to birth the way you desire. By preparing mentally, emotionally, and physically for pregnancy, birth, and parenting, you will ensure an outcome you can work with and grow from. Studies show a woman’s birth experience can have a huge impact on the postpartum period. We don’t just support you until the day your baby arrives; the skills you’ll learn will continue to benefit you during that important 4th Trimester and beyond.


Women who are prepared have a lower risk of postpartum depression, easier time breastfeeding, and higher satisfaction with their experience. Preparing for your baby’s birth is important! Every woman should feel empowered and honored on that day and all birth companions should feel included, informed, and excited!


Our workshops take place over 5 classes.  It’s an inclusive, immersion course and an opportunity to connect and bond with your baby. BirthFRē is leading the way in childbirth education because we don’t define what a positive birth is, you do. Our focus is on how women and their partners will experience the day their baby is born. It should be a joyous experience where the family is honored and supported.


Cost: $375 for five classes, handouts, and limited labor support; sliding scale for individualized personnel support sessions.


Come experience the difference!

doula services

Kerstin has been attending births since 2008. When you contract her as a labor companion included is: childbirth classes, 2 private prenatal visits, 2 private postpartum visits and a strong birth network of support that she has built up over years of working in the birth community in Madison. Any skills or additional certifications such as Breastfeeding Champion, Reiki Master, EFT practitioner, HypnoBirthing Practitioner and more are at your disposal for FREE, no add on fees or additional costs!


childbirth classes

Integrating years of training is a variety of modalities and approaches Kerstin brings together relaxation techniques, biology, neuroscience, epigenetics, and a variety of modalities to prepare not just the body, but the mind and spirit for birth as well. (see below for more info)


trauma healing and fear release

So often past experiences and future worries can interfere with the birthing experience. Schedule a session to release trauma and fear and clear the path mentally/emotionally so the body is better able to do what it needs to. Instead of fearing birth look forward to the experience with confidence and joy!


prenatal and postpartum support

Using a variety of tools Kerstin uses energy work, brain training, and relaxation techniques to prepare you for birth and to help you and baby integrate the birthing experience afterwards. You can even experience a session in the comfort of your own home!  Kerstin has training as a breastfeeding champion and in guided imagery, EFT, reiki, and more. She also has tools for getting labor started, helping babies get in optimal position, and encouraging rest for you and baby. Using her background in sacred ritual Kerstin is also available to create and facilitate a customized Birth Blessing ritual for you and your friends.

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