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LiveFRē was born out of a vision of life where people are truly free from anything that can hold them back from being the best self they possibly can be. It has come through years of work study and mistakes, but it is here. As we continue to grow and add on more avenues to explore greater health, we look to you the community to help to shape a future where we all can be truly free!


About us is really about you! It is the story of people and places and spaces that have shaped our understanding of what it means to truly heal. Freedom starts with a story, life patterns and observations and prayer…a sense of the sacred … and so much more. This endeavor is meant to be a blessing and an invitation to freedom for body mind and soul.


There is so much more to the world and what surrounds us than what science or religion or experts or language or even personal experience can attest to.  We live in a big wide open beingness that goes beyond anything we ourselves can personalize enough to process.  So the style of this approach FRes us from having to put things into any one category.  All those things mentioned above have a place and a space and a purpose in our lives but no one of those things has it all.  In our work with healing while we have found many pieces and elements to be so very helpful they are only helpful insofar as they are merely one piece of a larger puzzle.  In a way what we are attempting to do is give you a feel and a vague sense of the larger whole.  We have put some of the pieces we have found together, but out of necessity and purposefully we have left holes.  Big giant gaping, run a truck through them HOLES.  Because in the end YOU have to fill them yourself.  In fact this may be one of the best approaches you have ever experienced BECAUSE you are going to help create it.  Your beauty and experience, and heartache, and challenges, and broken wholeness are going to do the hard work of filling the holes.


Now we know what you are thinking …well not really, but we can guess.  Either you are totally on board right now and nodding your head along with us and sighing in relief “at long last” someone who gets me, ME!  Or you are thinking wait a minute they are coping out.  This is some kind of trick, right?  I came here looking for answers that someone else is going to give me and they will be magic and my life with be perfect, but all this is doing is giving me a start, a “vague” outline, a bunch of ambiguity and I have to do the hard work of filling in the blanks of inserting my life and my own personal wisdom.


Well either way, whether you are thinking the former or the latter or something in-between, or totally out in left field (which is one of my favorite places by the way) you are RIGHT.  You are absolutely 100% right.  So jump in.  Dive into this journey head first or two feet in whichever way you prefer, but go for it.  Nothing will come of sitting back and watching, this is a participatory experience through and through because life is a participatory event and only you have the answers to your particular situation in time, place, space.  Now, let us make perfectly clear that we are not saying any of this is easy.  Oh no, We’ve done too much living ourselves to even try to pretend it might be simple.  But hard things can still be joyfuly, and they can still be expansive, and often even instantaneous.  But here is the secret our dear mentor, friend, and guide passed on to us years ago “There is no way through it but through it.”  Now say that again but picture Fr. JJ, a much beloved aging friar that loved humanity with every ounce of his being.  He had a deep kind of all-encompassing a little bit gravelly voice.  Can you hear him?  Because when he said it, you really really believed it and one of the greatest gifts he gave those who knew him was the support to actually do it. To   go   through   it.     Go through it all, all the time, everywhere, and LIVE FRe.


Ladies and gentlemen we have been through it. And we keep going through it. And we go through it with our children and our spouse and our friends and anyone who will accept a hand and companionship to go through it.  And “it” is messy and hard and crazy and intense and wonderful and amazing and “it” can bring you to your knees oh so quickly.  But the through part makes it all worth it and it looks a whole lot worse standing on the outside of it thinking about doing it than the actual doing of it.  In order to make progress “through” we must take a running leap through our past into the future not just a hop from where we are.  For we must acknowledge the past and free ourselves of it to be able to move into a pure and untainted future.


But my friend you are not alone as you take this jump over and over again.  For in our feelings WE ARE ONE.  The circumstances are unique, the triggers personal, the endings varied and unwritten, but the feelings unite us.  We all feel anger.  We all feel afraid.  We all feel guilty.  We all feel lost. And we all need to feel JOY.  In our emotions there are no barriers, qualifiers, differences and we are one in our anger, fear, guilt, wanderings, and joys.


At LiveFRē we are about ALL OF IT in all its messy wonderful glory and we invite you to join us!


To learn more about us follow our blog, drop us an email, or stop in for a visit!

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